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Thursday, May 25, 2006 - Akihabara Shopping

Today we went back to Akihabara to do some shopping. Afterwards we pretty much just went back to the hotel to play with the new stuff we got and I took a little stroll in Shinjuku around 11:30 PM.

Akihabara, I could spend a few days shopping just there. Once more an excuse to come back. I ended up getting a bunch of manga. Mainly artbooks as they don’t have many words and don’t really follow a series I’d have to worry about. Also got a couple of those little plastic figurines you can get out of gumball like machines. I still want to get some Japanese PS2 game and a Japanese DVD. Probably just look through the bargain bins and just grab some random ones and hope for the best. So yeah, if you’re ever in the neighborhood, Toro No Ana is a great place for manga. Another cool place was MezoBitC I think it was called. Couple other I checked out weren’t bad either. I basically just listened to the second part on Akihabara done by And Sega Town was amazing. Video games linked up to like 8 other machines all doing this massivle strategy game, it’s just unreal. Still want to go back there on Saturday or Sunday to take more pictures and stuff since they close down the streets and stuff and everyone comes out. Also need to still get a duffle bag to lug around the stuff I bought. Or may just send everything home from here so I don’t have to deal with it.

After we got back I walked around shinjiku to take some pictures of all the street signs. That was interesting. Not because of the signs, but from people wanting to give me mah-sa-jee (masage). And then ran into others that spoke fluent english, which was really odd. I got some videos of me walking through the streets, don’t know how well they came out though. Overall I didn’t get many pictures. Maybe around 100 or so. I know I’m going to have plenty to go through when I get home.

As far as the food report goes. For lunch we stopped at a Maid Cafe which was actually quite disappointing. It really was a cafe and we just got tea. It was still interesting, but was hoping for more. Dinner we ate at some Korean place I think. Was kinda interesting since there was this george forman grille type thing on the table, although it was heated by a gas flame and stuff.

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  1. James Says:

    Akihabara is the greatest place in the world.

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