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Quick factoid from plane

Going through old papers to toss and found this. Wrote it when I was on the plane to Japan. They had a flight tracker channel so you can see the plane’s progress. It also showed the stats about the aircraft itself. The cruising altitude was 38,000 ft. The ground speed got up to around 525 mph or so. Seems like I saw it go above that at some points but can’t quite remember. And at that altitude the outside air temperature was -78° F.

2 Responses to “Quick factoid from plane”

  1. Aquafina Says:

    78 degrees F at 38,000 feet?! Are you sure? It would of had to been over 200 degree on the ground then!

  2. Todd Says:

    No, it’s -78 F  (ie, really freakin cold).  The post had the - in there

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