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First videos posted

Sorry for the long delay, was trying to figure out the best way to add videos. Unfortunately the videos do not want to show up in Firefox on Windows, so you will have to download the movie. All movies are going to be encoded with XviD. The easiest way to view the videos, if they don’t show up, is to use an application called VLC. It is availiable for Windows, Linux, and Mac and will work “out of the box.” You can also download the XviD codec here. If you still can’t get the video to work, don’t feel too bad as the video quality from a digital camera isn’t all that good. Cousin was using a video camera, unsure when those will be posted. Also got my first panoramic picture. On wide images there is a Panorama view option availiable.  You’ll also notice most of the pictures aren’t commented.  Unless I see something of interest or it jogs my memory, I’m going to leave the description blank.  So don’t look puzzled if you see a bunch of pictures without any comments on it.

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