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Tuesday, May 30, 2006 - Himeji Castle

Didn’t go to a lot of places today because Himeji Castle was about an hour away via shinkansen. So we went there for the day and came back.

Had the regular breakfast and then we grabbed the shinkansen to Himeji Station. The ride was probably only about an hour or so. Once we got to the station we were trying to figure out where to go and saw a huge sign saying “Castle” and pointing in the correct direction. Then we could just see the castle from a mile or so away. Stopped at an italian place. It wasn’t bad at all. Pretty much tasted like italian food anywhere else.

We get to the castle grounds and I pretty much go nuts with the camera. By the time we leave the castle I’ve taken 345 pictures or so. Himeji Castle was from the 1300’s (the complex was completed in the 1600s) and has pretty much been preserved as it was at that time. You even have to take your shoes off while walking though the castle. The view from the top was amazing. You could see for quite a distance. Pretty much from mountains on one end to mountains on the other end. I took a few panoramic shots that hopefully will come out.

On the way back we still had a couple hours to kill before we get back on the shinkansen back. We were sitting on a bench and an older man came up and starting talking to us, in Japanese. We then spent the next hour or so slowly talking and trying to understand what he was saying. It was really interesting and I even gave him one of the Cleveland postcards I got before leaving as a sort of thank you gift. We rode the shinkansen back at night and I tried to get some long exposure shots and didn’t have much luck. Got back at Kyoto and ate at a wannabe McDonald’s place (forget the name), which was right next to an actual McDonald’s. Had their “Rib Sand” which was pretty comparable to the McRib.

2 Responses to “Tuesday, May 30, 2006 - Himeji Castle”

  1. Doug Says:


    Glad you are having a good time Todd. We’re busting ass back here getting the offices moved over. Boy, you picked a hell of a week to be gone!

  2. Todd Says:

    Yes, like it was perfectly planned ^

    Keep wanting to do the video chat thing but we’re always to bed early. Been getting a lot of use out of skype talking to parents.

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