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Thursday, June 1, 2006 - Miyajima

Today we got to Hiroshima and went to Miyajima.  Going to cut this post short as well and expand on it when I get time since we are going to get up early Tomorrow to head to peace park before heading back to Asakusa at 5:00 PM.

Once we got off the shinkansen we could find our hotel from the train station.  Headed over there and dropped off our luggage and made our way to Miyajima Island.  We took the rail car there which ended up being a dumb idea because we stopped like every two blocks.  Noticed the JR line ran along it and it only stopped a few times and it was free because of our JR pass.  So we ended up taking it back.

Once we got off the boat that took us to the island we saw dear huddled around some people with food.  The dear would litterally come right up to you, realize you don’t have food, and walk away.  Aparently it frightened the tons of school kids there as well.  I was able to get a picture of the large Torii both durring high tide and low tide.  At low tide I was out in the lake past the torii.  We also took the cable car up to the top to supposedly see monkeys.  Well all the monkeys ran away so aside from some panoramic shots of the hazy sky it was kinda pointless.  The bus ride up was rather interesting.  Winding in and out along the side of the mountain on a one lane road.

The food report was partly dull.  Lunch we ate at a Japanse place and had curry again.  For dinner we had something that was really good but can’t remember the name.  I took a picture of the menu and the different steps it took to make it since the grille was in front of us.  It was basically an omlet with bacon, lettuce, and pancake.  Sounds lame but it was really good

I’ll expand on this one hopefully more tomorro.  That was just the big points I didn’t want to forget.

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