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Return flight details

[of course, this is if we actually get on American Airlines for the fly home]

Now it’s time for the return flight details. Again I’m only going to mention the flight from Japan to Chicago since the other flights are just little ‘hops’ from Chicago. It’s going to be American Airlines flight 154. Flight Aware’s tracking looks decent (and I can direct link to the flight) but the image may not work since it’s an international flight, but will still show where we’re at. You can also try tracking it on FlyteComm. Or any site should show it with the flight identifier AAL154. Flight leaves at 6:20pm local time, or 5:20am EST. I will then arrive to Chicago at 4:00pm Chicago time (Yes, I’m going to get to Chicago before I left Japan) or 5:00pm EST.

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  1. rollerbones Says:

    So you are coming “Back FROM the future” :)

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