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I’m back home

So Saturday we just slept in a little late and headed straight to the airport and just waste time there for like 4 hours. Then after an 11 hour plane flight, a 3 hour layover, and then 2 gate changes and a late departure time later (Chicago O’Hare is terrible at handling traffic, a woman we were talking to also mentioned this), I’m back home. So at least for the plane travel, I’ll spend the little extra and go continental (they had better food service on the plane) and do not transfer at O’Hare as we had problems both times.

I have no idea what the total count of pictures is. I’m going to start downloading all the pictures off the backup server tonight and start the task of going through all of them. Thanks to all the comments I got. I’ll post information about pictures once I get them somewhere.

FYI I’ve changed the post times and such back to EST. The older posts will still have the Japan date and new ones will be in EST.

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  1. Aaron Says:

    Man, you had one seriously cool adventure! I can’t wait to see your pictures.

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